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As financial services professionals across the country continue to adopt inbound marketing strategies, an effective lead nurturing strategy has become a near necessity for growing your practice. In our world, few prospects are ready to make a purchasing decision upon their immediate contact with you – be it from a seminar, a client referral or another channel.

Many consumers in our industry require multiple “touches” before they become educated enough and develop enough trust in your firm before they give you their business.

SplashBot and the Yearlong Marketing Campaign features 52 weekly emails, 13 lead capture splash pages, 38 short explainer videos, featured calls to action, and integration with Virtual Advisor® and Generational Vault®. Simply put, SplashBot and the Yearlong Marketing Campaign offers this wide range of services at an incredible value, and is designed to save you precious time and resources.

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Be timely, be relevant.

Rich content welcomes your leads at every stage of the campaign and helps funnel them to lead capture forms.

Deliver industry-relevant information that will help your potential clients make an informed decision when choosing their financial services professional. Providing your leads with quality and educational information helps them build trust with your firm. Cultivating awell-qualified lead may sometimes require multiple positive touches from a marketing channel.

Educate & nurture your leads.

Raise your firm’s profile and build relationships with potential customers.

One of the main focuses of our drip marketing automation process is to provide you with a steady supply of informed and educated leads. This is accomplished through highly relevant content, explainer videos, lead capture splash pages, and the easy-to-navigate user experience inside Generational Vault.

Work smarter, not harder.

Spend less time in front of your computer screen and more time in appointments in front of clients.

Modernize the most monotonous elements of your sales process by letting our customized campaigns inform and educate your leads – a well-informed lead is a more qualified lead. Our process funnels your potential clients to Generational Vault, and encourages them to complete a Color of Money Risk Analysis to continue down the sales path.

Process Flow

Drip Emails
Splash Page
Vault Login Page
Vault Welcome Video
Strategy Assessment®
Featured Call-To-Action

SplashBot and the Yearlong Marketing Campaign combine to make a fully-automated email marketing campaign lasting 52 weeks and featuring 13 different lead capture splash pages. Each splash page features its own unique topic and is accompanied with an explainer video.

Video is becoming a marketing necessity.

A large majority (87 percent) of online marketing professionals are currently using video content in their digital marketing strategies. 4

Save time & streamline your marketing efforts.

The majority (74 percent) of marketers said that the ability to save them time was the largest benefit of technology. 5

The importance of the customer journey.

Most senior-level marketers (86 percent) agree that it’s very important to create a cohesive customer journey across all touchpoints and channels. 6

Can you afford not  to nurture your prospects?

Email Campaigns

Consumers in the early stages of communication are focused on information gathering and building awareness about your business, products and services. Your prospects will receive one email per week featuring a pre-set monthly topic, focused on providing a high-quality message.

Lead Capture Splash Pages with Explainer Videos

It usually helps to educate your prospects on your products and services before they are ready to make a purchasing decision. Each weekly email directs your prospects to a splash page featuring a pre-set topic accompanied by an explainer video and lead capture form. Prospects are directed to complete the lead capture form to request a featured call-to-action, which is accessible in their complimentary Generational Vault. You are notified in real time via the Virtual Advisor lead dashboard.

Generational Vault Welcome Path with Explainer Videos

Ninety percent of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process.* That being said, cultivating a well-qualified lead may take multiple, positive interactions to establish a heightened level of comfortability and trust. The automated marketing path leads the prospect to Generational Vault to continue the lead nurturing process. Once your prospect has arrived at the Generational Vault login page, they are greeted with a conversational explainer video that drives the prospect to the featured call-to-action within Generational Vault.

Calls To Action and Strategy Assessment

Featured calls to action maintain engagement among your prospects and continue to drive them to Generational Vault. The information gathered from what the prospect submits to Generational Vault supplies you with all the information needed to close the sale. Once again, you are notified in real time via the Virtual Advisor lead dashboard when a Strategy Assessment has been initiated or completed.


What are the primary benefits of Splashbot and the yearlong marketing campaign?

The SplashBot and the Yearlong Marketing Campaign effortlessly nurtures your leads, which may be able to bolster your conversion rates and lead to increased sales. According to DemandGen Report, nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20 percent increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads.1

My target audience is not tech savvy. Will this be too complicated for them?

SplashBot and the Yearlong Marketing Campaign process includes a combination of text and video-based content to provide a thorough explanation of the featured products and services. Statistics show a staggering 98 percent of users say they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service, and 74 percent of users who watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service subsequently bought it.3

How were the 13 topics chosen? Can I change the order of the topics?

The campaign topics are based on the sales process, as defined in the New Generation Retirement™ Planning process. Unfortunately, the order of topics cannot be changed.

What is the cost of SplashBot and the Yearlong Marketing Campaign?

The cost for SplashBot (13 lead capture splash pages) is $39 per month and is billed as a recurring charge. The Yearlong Marketing Campaign (52 emails) requires a separate set-up fee of $300. To renew the Yearlong Marketing Campaign next year, an additional $300 set-up fee is required annually. When you sign up here, you’ll get your first month of hosting for free!

How do i get started?

What do our producers love about Splashbot and the yearlong marketing campaign?

The campaign allows me to sit back and let technology take over. It frees up my time and lets me do what I do best ... and that's meeting with prospects and clients.
We all have those attendees who come to our seminars and for whatever reason just do not set an appointment with us. The drip campaign keeps my company in front of them on a weekly basis.
This isn't just for prospects either; it's a great way to stay in touch with clients and remind them why they did business with you in the first place, which leads to referrals.

Why do marketers rate email marketing so highly?

While there can be no doubt regarding the ongoing popularity of email, what do marketers rate as its biggest benefit? Here are the results:


Generating More Leads


Improving Sales


Improving Conversion Rates


Reducing Marketing Cost


Identifying Better Quality Leads


Using Other Media to Boost Response




Shorter Sales Cycles